Black Knight Secondary Glazing
Black Knight Secondary Glazing

Secondary Windows

Secondary windows - hinged unit

Black Knight hinged unit secondary windows are the most adaptable unit design and allows the greatest range of easy access to the primary window for cleaning and maintenance.


This window has no transoms or mullions and is ideal where the minimum amount of framing and maximum amount of visible glass is required.



The integral seals ensure that heat loss is greatly reduced, draughts are completely eliminated and, with the correct glass, noise is substantially reduced.


For additional ventilation a secondary glazing tilt & turn option can be specified which allows the window sash to tilt slightly at the head allowing fresh air to circulate at high level without having to open the whole window.


Hinged unit secondary windows are fully compatible with all the other secondary glazing design types in the range and can be installed in combination to suit your particular window design requirements.

Fitting secondary glazing over doors

Depending on whether existing doors open inwards or outwards it is generally no problem to fit secondary windows behind both single and double doors.