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Secondary Glazing Kits - DIY Guidance

Can I fit secondary glazing kits myself?

Fitting DIY secondary glazing kits yourself is relatively simple for the average competent DIY'er and no specialist tools are needed - if finances are an issue then it is the ideal way to keep the cost of your project reasonable.

In the first instance please refer to our comprehensive  how to measure guide to help you take accurate measurements for your secondary glazing kits and also to our how to fit guide for easy-to-follow fitting instructions.


All Black Knight products are delivered fully assembled and ready to fit.


We supply all the finishing trims that you will need to make a perfect job and no after-fit redecoration is normally required.


Alternatively we can quote to also install your new secondary double glazing for you making it a completely hassle-free purchase.

Do you supply secondary glazing kits?

There are many cheap DIY secondary double glazing systems available both online and from DIY stores such as Wickes and B&Q. These are generally standard-sized kits made with flimsy plastic framing and acrylic or perspex glazing.


These lightweight build-it-yourself systems should not be confused with our bespoke secondary glazing kits which are purpose-made in modern production facilities and are extremely robust and effective in stopping draughts, reducing heat loss and preventing excessive noise.