Black Knight Secondary Glazing
Black Knight Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing Maintenance

All Black Knight secondary glazing are designed to ensure that only minimal maintenance is needed.


Please read and follow the cleaning and safety instructions when you carry out any maintenance or cleaning. 

Secondary glazing maintenance

Occasional lubrication of secondary windows using an off-the-shelf silicone lubricant is required to keep any moving parts in good working order.

  • Handles - do not require lubrication
  • Hinges – occasional lubrication
  • Hinges – tighten or loosen the brass grub screw in the hinge as required
  • Spiral balances – do not require lubrication
  • Rollers – do not require lubrication
  • Roller track – occasional lubrication as required
  • Paint Chips – touch up with matching paint

Secondary Glazing general cleaning

Cleaning secondary glazing products is straightforward and applies to all surfaces with the exception of painted timber trims or visible timber sub frame sections which can be painted as required.

  • Use a vacuum or soft brush to remove any dust from the sides and the top of the frames
  • vacuum the bottom track to clear dirt
  • wash down with a non-alkaline detergent, rinse and dry
  • use only lint-free soft cloths, sponges and chamois leathers
  • use non-abrasive nylon pads or soft brushes for stubborn marks

Secondary Glazing specific cleaning

Always follow safety guidelines as recommended by HSE when handling secondary glazing panels.


Fixed Inserts


Ensure there are sufficient people to support the panel weight comfortably

  • carefully unscrew the panel 
  • grip the panel at the sides and bottom and lower to the floor
  • re-fix the unit whilst supporting the panel weight


Turnbuckle Inserts


Do not allow the panel to rest on the bottom turnbuckles. Ensure there are sufficient people to support the panel weight comfortably

  • support the weight of the secondary double glazing unit at the bottom and the sides, release the bottom turnbuckles first, then side turnbuckles and finally the top turnbuckles
  • hold the panel at the sides and bottom and lower it gently to the floor
  • After cleaning return the unit to position and replace the turnbuckles in the reverse order starting at the top


Standard Lift Outs


  • lift the glazed panel up into the head of the frame until the bottom of the sash clears the frame
  • swing the bottom of the panel clear of the frame and then lower the panel to the floor
  • to replace the sash reverse the above procedure


All Hinged and Tilt & Turn Units


  • open the panel and engage the restrictor stay (if fitted). Do not apply unnecessary pressure during cleaning


Horizontally Sliding Units


Before removing any panels note their position and ensure that they are returned correctly in the reverse order to how they are removed (i.e. last panel out is the first panel back) 

  • release all handles and locks
  • open the sash panels slightly so that they are clear of the frame sides
  • lift each panel into the head to clear the bottom of the frame and remove the panel
  • to replace the sashes, reverse the above procedure ensuring that they are replaced in the correct order.


Balanced Vertical Sliders

  • release the central fitch catch and open the sashes to clean the accessible surfaces from the top & the bottom of the window 


Tilt In Balanced Vertical Sliders


Always release and lower the bottom sash first before lowering the top sash.

  • release the central catch slide the sash up about 300mm and release the tilt catches 
  • carefully tilt the panel in towards you through approximately 170° until the sash comes to rest  
  • lower the upper sash panel by about 300mm and and release the tilt catches then carefully tilt the panel in towards you through approximately 170° until the sash comes to rest
  • to replace the sash panels reverse the above procedure



In line with our policy of continuous product improvement & development Black Knight Secondary Glazing reserves the right to alter any of the product specifications without notice.