Black Knight Secondary Glazing
Black Knight Secondary Glazing

Secondary Double Glazing Windows for Security

The Black Knight secondary windows standard range provides a very good level of additional security.


Over recent years the need for secondary windows to give improved security has been an increasing part of our business and is particularly relevant in high population areas and in older traditional properties.

Police authorites throughout the country all agree that most theft is opportunisitc and burglars will take the line of least resistance in identifying potential targets.


Typically, single glazed windows in aras that are not visible to passers by and neighbours such as basements or ground floor, side & back of property, windows accessible form flat roofs, sash windows and French doors are all particulary vulnerable to potential attack.


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The secondary windows solution

Secondary windows are, by the nature of their design, extremely difficult to open from the outside.


Once they are fitted with additional security locks and laminated security glass they become a huge challenge to even the most determined intruder. Given enough time any window can be broken through but the time it takes and the noise it makes means that the potential burglar will go elsewhere and look for easier pickings than a robust secondary windows present to him.

The visual impact of secondary glazing

It is wrongly believed by many people that secondary glazing windows are ugly and obtrusive. This could not be further from the truth - our secondary windows are designed to be discreet and effective and should not be mistaken for the kit-form systems that do little to keep the character of your property. 

The extensive range of Black Knight secondary windows is suitable for installation over just about any type of primary window or door in both domestic and business properties. 

Secondary windows can be installed in houses, flats, commercial properties, Listed and period properties, churches, hotels, and public buildings.

  • fitting secondary glazing may help you avoid having to fit unsightly grilles to the outside of your windows 
  • will avoid having to fit an alarm system


Additional benefits of secondary windows

  • improved Energy Rating
  • reduced heating bills
  • reduced carbon footprint
  • maintenance free
  • more cost effective than replacement of existing windows
  • retains the character of traditional and period windows
  • windows in Listed buildings and propeties in Conservation Areas do not normally need permission to install secondary windows 


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