Black Knight Secondary Glazing
Black Knight Secondary Glazing

Secondary Double Glazing Windows - Benefits & Applications


Black Knight secondary double glazing has been robustly designed specifically for use in domestic properties and should not be confused with the temporary, lightweight secondary windows systems which are available.


The frames are made from long-lasting aluminium with integral timber subframes which are sealed to the existing structure to ensure that the thermal integrity is maintained.


The clever design of our secondary double glazing ensures that they remain unobtrusive and blend in as much as possible with your existing decor - they are even available in a wide range of colours to exactly match your decoration if required.


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Benefits of Thermal Secondary Double Glazing Windows

Installing secondary glazing with our standard glass will completely eliminate any draughts and cold spots that you currently have with your existing windows.


However, it is advisable to also consider incorporating a Low E glass in your secondary windows to reflect heat back into the room instead of letting it escape to the great outdoors.  


For an small extra cost the additional insulation will result in less heat loss and reduced heating bills.


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Benefits of Acoustic Secondary Double Glazing Windows

If you live on a busy road, under a flightpath or just in generally noisy area then you will already be aware how intrusive noise can be.


Thankfully, you can specify specialist acoustic glass in your secondary windows to greatly improve the noise insulation. It is very important to ensure that you create as a large a gap as possible between the primary and secondary windows to ensure that the effectiveness of the secondary glazing is as substantial as possible. Ideally a gap of between 150mm - 200mm from primary glass to secondary glass will give the optimum reduction.


In instances where the optimum gap cannot be achieved then you will still achieve good levels of noise reduction but obviously not as good as would be possible with the full gap achieved. 


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Benefits of Security Secondary Double Glazing Windows

You can install Black Knight Secondary Glazing to improve your home security. Fitting secondary windows adds an extra barrier behind your existing window which cannot be opened from outside to guard against forced entry.


Whilst our standard secondary window products offer a high level of defence against access they can be enhanced even further by the addition of extra locks and upgraded glass specifications.


This is particularly useful when the window is located in a vulnerable position such as the ground floor or basement level.


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